What we do

A Challenge from Sweden promotes challenge-driven innovation to support public and private organisations. The goal is to accelerate the shift towards a zero carbon, growth economy.

Through a series of competitions, events and other initiatives, A Challenge from Sweden encourages co-operation in innovation procurement, testing and implementation. 
It also provides innovators and entrepreneurs with access to investors and opportunities to commercialise sustainable solutions.

A Challenge from Sweden is an initiative by 
the Swedish Energy Agency in co-operation with Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and other organisations.


About us

Sustainable mobility as a service

In line with the Paris Agreement, Sweden has set bold climate goals related to transports. One is that the country’s vehicle fleet shall be fossil independent by 2030. Another is to have an entirely fossil free transport sector by 2045.

The Sustainable mobility as a service project is an project running until 2020 aimed at developing solutions for easy access, flexible and sustainable travel service options. The goal is to help reach the goal of having an entirely fossil-free transport sector by 2025. Through events and competitions, cities and regions test and implement winning contributions.

Current Projects

Speeding up for change

When: May 23 2018
Where: High Court, Malmö, Sweden

Investors, cities, regions and other interested parties are invited to a half-day meeting searching innovative global solutions for a zero-carbon economy. Join us as we collaborate and use design thinking and challenge-based innovation to speed up the change towards a better future.

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